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Kindred Synergy is all about elevating your mind, body and spirit.

Leanne and Jessika have a passion for wellness and working together to create a unique experience.

Kindred Synergy uses Aura Photography and iTOVi wellness scans to give you a well rounded view of how your mind, body and spirit work synergistically. In tandem with this, the brand respects the environment and uses cruelty free and recycled products wherever possible.

Jessika and Leanne began this work together as a result of a very special connection that they discovered while working together in a different field. It became apparent that this life path was calling them and it was time to make a change.

Kindred Synergy provides a safe and open space for people of all walks of life and invite you to look at your health and well-being with a sense of adventure!




Aura Photo, iTOVi Scan, and Reading. 



Aura Photo and Reading. 



iTOVi Scan and Wellness Reading.




Crystalized by Kindred Synergy is a handmade raw crystal design infused with Good Vibes and a heart for others! From Each pair of earrings sold $5 is donated to charity. Our two current charities are;

Shelter Movers:

Earth Watch:

We resonate with both of these organizations as they are creating a better environment for humans and animals.

Our current line includes Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz.

We offer all of these at $20 a set.

Crystals all carry their own energy and are useful tools you can use to enhance your frequency in addition to our other products and services.

Events and seminars


August 30th - September 2nd
First Star Psychic Fair
425 Bingemans Centre Dr
Kitchener, Ontario

August 11th
Psychic Rama Brampton
Brampton - Bramalea Lions Club
Brampton, Ontario

July 27th and 28th
The Meta Expo
Hyatt Regency
Toronto, ON

July 20th
Breakthrough Centre-Metaphysical and Wellness Centre
2 Fisherman Drive, Unit 10
Brampton, ON

June 1st
City of OM
Landsdowne Park
Ottawa, Ontario
8AM - 7PM

May 25th and 26th
Barrie’s Largest Healing Holistic Fair
Barrie, Ontario
9AM - 6PM / 9AM - 5PM

May 18th and 19th
The Metaphysical and Spiritual Show of Montreal
800 Rue de la Gauchetiere O
Montreal, QC
10AM - 8PM

April 27th and 28th
Wellness Weekend
Hamsa Heaven
Toronto, Ontario
1600 Gerrard Street E
10AM - 6PM

April 6th & 7th
The Metaphysical and Spiritual Fair of Toronto
Exhibition Place, Heritage Court
19 Nunavut Road, Toronto, Ontario

March 31st
Hamilton’s Spring Holistic Healing Fair
McMaster Innovation Park

March 30th
Aide Bodycare Spirit Spa
463 Bond Street East, Oshowa

March 16th & 17th
The Meta Expo
Hyatt Regency, Toronto

February 10th; 12PM-5PM
Women’s Body and Soul Wellness Fair 
Lions Gate Banquet Hall, Barrie

February 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
Niagara Winter Psychic Fair and Expo
Holiday Inn and Suites Parkway Conference Centre
Tools to Release Negative Emotions with Sharon Dean

January 27th
Pop up Studio Day

January 19th and 20th
CASO Station Spiritual Wellness Market
CASO Station
750 Talbot Street, St.Thomas
Tools to Release Negative Emotions with Sharon Dean

January 11th, 12th and 13th
Oshawa Esp Psychic Fair 
Royal Canadian Legion
471, Simcoe Street South

For private events please contact us via 


Instagram: @kindred_synergy

Phone: 416-887-4042


ESP Psychic Fair
December 28th-30th
Nepean Sportsplex
1701 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean, ON K2G 1W2
Please email to reserve a spot.

Sparkle and Shine
December 18th
Lula Lounge
1585 Dundas Street West, M6K 1T9

Studio Day:
December 17th
Make Up For Ever
12 St Joseph St #102, Toronto, ON M4Y 1J7
11AM- 6PM

GoodLife Fitness: Health and Wellness Leadership Summit
November 22nd
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
South Building, Room 718

The Meta Expo:
November 10th and 11th
The Hyatt Regency Toronto

Frequently asked questions

What is aura photography?

Also called Kirlian photography- it is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the electromagnetic field surrounding the body.

Can someone please be in the photo with me?
Yes, up to two people can be in a photograph at once.

Do you do private events?
Yes, please email: for all booking enquiries.

Can you take an aura photo while you are pregnant?
Yes absolutely!

Can my baby or small child take an aura photo by themselves?
Unfortunately children under the age of 10 are not permitted, as the photo requires 12 seconds of stillness while having hands placed on sensors.

Can you take aura photos of pets?
You absolutely can, however as we use hand sensors your fur baby will need to be on your lap.

Can I get a refund, cancel or reschedule my appointment after purchasing?
We can’t refund, but can reschedule 48 hours in advance.

How does the camera work?
The camera is a digitalized Aura camera which uses hands sensors to detect the electro magnetic field emanating from your body and translates that visually to a photo.

How often does my aura change?
Auras can change from moment to moment, however the predominant colours and locations are present for longer lengths of time and indicate more prevalent aspects of your current state (this is what we read, and interpret for you.)

What is an iTOVi?

The iTOVi is a health and wellness scanner that provides a personalized report of essential oils and supplements to help you improve and elevate you to the next level on your wellness journey. The iTOVi scanner  traces the galvanic skin responses/GSR to internal and environmental stressors that generate reactions within the body. The data is then processed through iTOVi‘s complex proprietary algorithm and generates a report. The report is personalized to you the moment you are scanned and emailed to you. Products are sorted and listed based on your body’s strongest responses. This is what makes the iTOVi so important in assisting you with making wellness decisions regarding your emotional, environmental and physical health! 

How often should I get an iTOVi scan?

We recommend getting an iTOVi Scan every 2 to 3 months if you are using the essential oils and supplements being recommended and wish to monitor and elevate the progress of your wellness journey.