Frequently asked questions

What is aura photography?

Also called Kirlian photography- it is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the electromagnetic field surrounding the body.

Can someone please be in the photo with me?
Yes, up to two people can be in a photograph at once.

Do you do private events?
Yes, please email: for all booking enquiries.

Can you take an aura photo while you are pregnant?
Yes absolutely!

Can my baby or small child take an aura photo by themselves?
Unfortunately children under the age of 10 are not permitted, as the photo requires 12 seconds of stillness while having hands placed on sensors.

Can you take aura photos of pets?
You absolutely can, however as we use hand sensors your fur baby will need to be on your lap.

Can I get a refund, cancel or reschedule my appointment after purchasing?
We can’t refund, but can reschedule 48 hours in advance.

How does the camera work?
The camera is a digitalized Aura camera which uses hands sensors to detect the electro magnetic field emanating from your body and translates that visually to a photo.

How often does my aura change?
Auras can change from moment to moment, however the predominant colours and locations are present for longer lengths of time and indicate more prevalent aspects of your current state (this is what we read, and interpret for you.)

What is an iTOVi?

The iTOVi is a health and wellness scanner that provides a personalized report of essential oils and supplements to help you improve and elevate you to the next level on your wellness journey. The iTOVi scanner  traces the galvanic skin responses/GSR to internal and environmental stressors that generate reactions within the body. The data is then processed through iTOVi‘s complex proprietary algorithm and generates a report. The report is personalized to you the moment you are scanned and emailed to you. Products are sorted and listed based on your body’s strongest responses. This is what makes the iTOVi so important in assisting you with making wellness decisions regarding your emotional, environmental and physical health! 

How often should I get an iTOVi scan?

We recommend getting an iTOVi Scan every 2 to 3 months if you are using the essential oils and supplements being recommended and wish to monitor and elevate the progress of your wellness journey.